The Astronoobs presents: Storyboard of "Bounty Hunters"

Over the last week a group of four, created a storyboard based off one treatment. We're quite happy with the result, which contains

Full body animation

Browsing different rigs in the database, I found a rig that for some reason reminded me of Sylvester Stallone, so the quote used for this asignment is from Rambo 3. Let's thank google for the nice quote I found.

Need some good suggestions on this rig...

This is my rigged keyboard and a quick scene where it writes something on a monitor.
As you can see the second time through the video, it's simply a plane scaling down, showing the letters, and not actually the keyboard creating the letters.
A simple way to do it, but it would be great to get it scripted or maybe solve it in another way.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Think positive, think... POSITIVE!

My attempt on two opposite experessions. Although a fair usage of props, it should be quite humorous for those of you out there who've seen the famous Angry German Kid. :)


Mandatory 04

The film is about the assassination of an official. The escape follows where one of the official's guards are in pursuit of the assailant. I spent full 4 weeks in making it, although I wish I had more time to complete some of the shots.
Overall, I'm satisfied with the idea of this fast-paced action film.
Although not entirely original it tells the story well, and I feel I've learned the complexity of going from Storyboard, through modeling, animation and post-production. The sounds you hear are stolen from different films published online and from my cat. (Back-alley-scene) The Background Music are from the show LOST and the game MGS 2 & 3. All edited to fit into the film.